M i e l e n f o r s t e r M u s i k a n t e n
M i e l e n f o r s t e r   M u s i k a n t e n


Mielenforster Musikanten 
Willweg 4
51427 Bergisch Gladbach

Tel.: 02204 42 38 37


Rufen Sie einfach an  

02204 423837 oder nutzen Sie unser Kontaktformular.


Wir proben jeden Dienstag von 19:00 -21:00 Uhr in

Bergisch Gladbach-Refrath

Interessierte Musiker sind herzlich willkommen !

Welcome to the Mielenforster Musikanten

The orchestra was founded in 1983 with the goal of presenting popular German entertainment music. The name “Mielenforst” describes a forest in Germany that forms a border between the city of Cologne and the hilly region called “Bergisches Land”. It also happens to be the musicians’ home. The orchestra’s musical possibilities are as broad as its repertoire: from 1-hour concerts to 6-hour folk-music dance evenings; maritime programmes; wine-festivals and Octoberfests with Polka music (with the orchestra in traditional folk costumes). Summer concerts are also a speciality of “Uwe Brandt and his Mielenforster Musikanten”.

Beside trumpets, clarinets, horns, drums, and saxophones, accordions help to produce the Mielenforster Musikanten’s special sound. Our vocalists and concert presentations come inclusive of our own PA system and are part of the entire program.

Aside from four recordings, numerous TV appearances, and two concert tours in the U.S.A., the Mielenforster Musikanten play regularly in various concert halls and festivals throughout the year. These concerts occur usually on weekends, since all the musicians have different lines of work, remaining loyal to the orchestra because of their love of music.

Band Leader is Uwe Brandt: trumpet player, composer, and librettist. He is also the composer of numerous songs in the programme.

For further information do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to accompany your next celebration.

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